Friday, April 26, 2013

[jules' pics] IIASA

Finally the big day came and we jumped into a taxi and headed for IIASA. It is located in a palace in a village a bit outside Vienna, called Laxenburg. At IIASA they do all sorts of things like global energy and population as well as working out the effects of climate change. They asked us lots of challenging questions during our seminars, which were a lot of fun to try and answer.

They have all mod cons onsite to help them achieve their lofty goals.

1. Church

2. Restaurant

3. Palace
Rather excitingly, the palace doesn't have or need air conditioning despite very hot summers (38C). James' theory was that (unlike Japan) it cools down at night, so the massive thick walls never really heat up all summer. There were also high ceilings which might have helped airflow in some mysterious way.

4. Pretty offices!

Clearly some effort is required to make JAMSTEC as habitable. Perhaps we could start by painting mountains on the grey walls.

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David B. Benson said...

Traditionally Rathaus meant the town mayor's office. In Germany, at least, the only legal place to buy bier was in the cellar of the Rathaus. No food was served.

James Annan said...

We went there hoping for a pet shop. But it's been converted into a restaurant.