Wednesday, February 06, 2013

[jules' pics] New Volcanics

Well quite new - the "fountain" that made the lava lake at Kīlauea Iki happened only 10 years before I was born (ie 1959). The crater itself is a hot, dry, semi-desert, and yet is surrounded all round by much cooler, humid, lush rainforest. A bit like what you might get if you tried covering Japan in concrete... Oh...
Volcano National Park
Volcano National Park
Volcano National Park
Volcano National Park

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andrewt said...

The red-flowered plant is apparently Metrosideros polymorpha I was curious enough to google because I have a lovely photo of a congener on the top of a mountain on Lord Howe Island

jules said...

This tree-ish thing is bascially the first plant of any size to grow on new lava. The little tree behind James in the 2nd photo is the same kind. But they also grow in the forest environment, and are rather bigger there. Spent much of the 2 days looking for a nice bloom to photograph. As I understand it, they bloom in the tropical fashion of sparsely, all the time.

chris said...

Interesting. Some years ago I was walking in Scotland on what turned out to be an unseasonably hot day. Having set of without shorts I also took of my trousers and walked in my underpants. It feels quite liberating don't you think?

James Annan said...

You should have just undone your zip :-)