Thursday, February 21, 2013

[jules' pics] Half-biking.

If God had meant us to run, He wouldn't have given us these brilliant minds that could invent wheels. We still need to work on the gears, however. Bike was singlespeed not long into the trip home (snow had melted and turned to mud).
snowy Kamakura
snowy trees
Have discovered that I can MTB to work in about the same time it takes James to run. So for the first time yesterday he ran both to and from work, while I rode my half-bike. Of course we have mountain tandemmed it many times, but I think James might have got a bit bored of carrying quite so much bicycle, and a bit too keen on running! I always wanted to attempt to steer the (rather technical) course. Mountain half-biking is excellent all-body exercise, whereas the tandem stoker doesn't really use the upper half of their body. My arms are tired today!

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