Friday, December 21, 2012

[jules' pics] More wildlife for my MIL

Oh OK. I give in. But most of them weren't in Yellowstone... and see how few of them are bears!

Elk (there are plenty in Yellowstone, but this one was just north of the park entrance):
Mountain goat (Glacier Park):
Mountain Goat
Mummy rare black-tailed prairie dog (Devil's Tower):
Black-tailed prairie dog
Kiddiwink prairie dog:
Black-tailed prairie dog
Big Horn Sheep (The Badlands):
South Dakota Badlands
Mummy deer (Boulder garden variety):
Mummy deer
Kiddiwink deer (it actually did have 4 legs):
baby deer
Tourist and moose (Lake MacDonald Lodge, Glacier Park):
Lake McDonald Lodge
We saw a live moose in the distance just outside Glacier Park. Unlike the wolf, it was easily visible to the naked eye, but again there was someone there with a scope who kindly let us get a closer look. Pronghorn deer are everywhere in Wyoming, but they are small and springy and I didn't try to photograph them.

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