Monday, December 17, 2012

[jules' pics] AGU review, the ADD version.

Drink Bluebottles. Eat chockie. Don't forget your hearts.
Blue Bottle latte + Tcho
Dangerously multitask coffee and phone. If brain overloads with exciting science, cease multi-tasking immediately and prop self against wall, where it is safe to engage in deep thought.
more scientists
It is of the utmost importance that men spend much more time proclaiming codswallop to bemused women than the reverse.
Help. Help. Geeekkks! Geeekks! As far as the eye can see!
even more scientists
Recuperate by sampling best pizza in San Francisco (Noisy and not as good as Kamakura's finest, let alone Tokyo's.)
Best pizza in SF?

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David B. Benson said...

Who goes to San Fran for pizza?

Steve Bloom said...

Yeah, no need to leave Oakland.

James Annan said...

We didn't. But being in SF, we thought we should be able to get a better one. Arguably, Kamakura's finest (which we enjoyed last night) outpoints it, which I find somewhat perplexing.

jules said...

Try to keep up. You know we went for the choclit.

Steve Bloom said...

If you reoriented the direction of your vacations somewhat, you could definitely be doing it for the pizza.

James Annan said...

As luck would have it, I just booked some flights through Singapore - though we only have an hour there, it might be a struggle to get a pizza down in that time. But really, that looks pretty tasty compared to many of the abominations on the local pizza delivery menus (English version).