Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[jules' pics] Wisteria muncher

I wonder what he or she will be when they grow up.
Wisteria - caterpillar

Wisteria - caterpillar
There are now several tendrils free of leaves.

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chris said...

Looks like s/he may well be one of these when s/he grows up:

jules said...

Yes - that had occured to me too... :-)

tonylearns said...

Seems unlikely.
Those did not bear any resemblance to magnetic hover pads on the end of the locomotive appendages.
BTW my wysteria has not bloomed in 11 years. getting rather tired of it. i wonder if a few of those crawling on it would shake it out of it's reproductive complacencies. My japanese tenant, Satoko, suggested phosphorus as a fertilizer. Do you know anything about care and feeding?

ob said...

Sunbeam (it appears thanks to goggle). Curetis as family. Which one? Japan as additional search term didn't really improve the results

andrewt said...

Curetis acuta - Angled Sunbeam - is native to Japan

James Annan said...

Wisteria is a puzzle to me too. This one was in a pot for several years and flowered very little (and also nearly died every year when I kept on failing to water it adequately). Since I planted it out a couple of years ago it has spread wildly but no flowers. I read that severe pruning is supposed to help, but that's not worked so far for me.

Angled Sunbeam looks right to me, not that I can say I've noticed the rather plain butterfly.

James Annan said...

Jules corrects me that after several years of nearly dying in a pot, the wisteria (only?) flowered the season immediately after planting out.