Friday, February 24, 2012

[jules' pics] Local Cooling

Ume buds
It's been a loong coold wiinter. At the end of last January I'd already been photographing ume for a couple of weeks. We are almost at the end of February and the ume near our house are not yet apparent. The photo above was taken in a warm part of Kamakura last weekend.

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Hance Huston said...

Anne and I were in Narita on February 13th, and the Ume there were just barely starting. It did seem like the season was late, because of the cold.

Hance Huston said...

And in New York, it seems that Global Warming, rather than Local Cooling, is taking place...

James Annan said...

Hi Hance,

I think we may just have been getting used to early springs, I don't know if this year is actually *late* when considered over the longer term. But I've had enough of the cold for one winter. And there's more snow forecast for tomorrow!