Thursday, February 23, 2012

[jules' pics] Let's park

There is a strange tradition on the posh Motomachi street in Yokohama. Every Sunday morning, sports cars come and ... err ... park outside Starbucks. Are they fuelled by coffee beans? Well of course they are all tin boxes to me, but sometimes they are quite bright coloured - just normal Lamboginies and the like. But last Sunday was different. As I walked down the street several rather interesting olde fashioned cars overtook me. I thought to myself - "I bet they're off to park at bucks". Sure enough when I passed Starbucks there they were all - parked. I had my camera ready.
vintage cars on Motomachi

vintage cars on Motomachi

This one was actually later in the day on a different part of the street, after all the vintage ones had finished refuelling but how could I not photograph an MG in British Racing Green?
MG on Motomachi

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Hank Roberts said...

Have you done fashions for dogs yet? I notice one in a blue vest at the background of your first photo.

Carl C said...

I'm not a car nut but those are pretty cool. I don't actually see a Starbucks though? ;-)

James Annan said...

The name is abbreviated to "UCKS FEE" in Japan, so you probably didn't recognise it in the 2nd photo :-)

Carl C said...

ah ok I see it now, subconscious pig-latin-esque cropping?