Sunday, September 11, 2011

Once more down to the beach dear friends

So we went off for another trip to Ishinomaki. I'll write more subsequently but the main purpose of this post is to test if this mouseover trick works. I know the pic below is far too big, I've made it a bit smaller but the writing is harder to see...

This is a place we went close to on the first trip, but without a good map it wasn't obvious what was going on. It is directly NE of Ishinomaki, at the head of Oppa Bay. This time, we travelled through Nagatsura (labelled on the mouseover map, lower centre) and over the bridge to the small village where we cleared up outside some houses beside the small shrine on the north tip of the small peninsula. There is no other access to this area, and they only re-established the bridge quite recently. The road ends at the shrine and the harbour further round the coast is completely cut off.

The Natagsura area was obviously a silted up river estuary, and will presumably silt up again. But following a metre of land subsidence it doesn't look like a great place to build a house right now!


C W Magee said...

Is there much prawn farming in Japan?

James Annan said...

Not much, though I think some of the methods were developed here. Mostly, Japan imports from the rest of Asia. Oyster farming seems the biggest local industry in those parts.