Thursday, September 29, 2011

[jules' pics] Zuiganji

A couple more photos taken in Zuigan-ji, Matsushima, where we went on almost our wettest summer holiday ever (It might even have been the wettest ever in terms of inches of preciptation, but the Outer Hebrides beats it handsomely in terms of cold rainy desolation). 

The entrance in the rain


James in the rain. Please look only at the rain, steps, fence, James, and trees. There's a no photography sign on the fence, which surely cannot apply to those particular elements.

A witch and her broomstick. Perhaps it was a little less rainy under the trees, but by now I was learning to shade the lens with a finger to keep rain drops off.


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William M. Connolley said...

I like the witch.

Tony Sidaway said...

Is that thing we're not allowed to look at called a Karamon or something? There's a rather splendid example, known as the Chokushi-Mon, in Kew Gardens.

James Annan said...

No, it's a tomb (of someone's wife, IIRC). Recently restored to all its glory. "-mon" is a gate (which may be ceremonial, not in a wall or anything).