Monday, June 20, 2011

[jules' pics] water and rock

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Our guide book says that "Ranch House Grille" is THE place for breakfast in Page, Arizona. While obeying this order we were inspired by the photo on the wall above our table to visit Horseshoe Bend that afternoon. Thus the next morning we were obliged to return for another breakfast, in order to compare our photo with their's. Pa was kind enough to say he preferred ours. He's such a nice Pa.

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Nick Barnes said...


James Annan said...

Yes, we used a lens.

(11-16mm Tokina)

But the critical bit was the dangling over the edge wih jules holding onto my ankles.

Nick Barnes said...

"Focal length" was what I really meant, of course. Re ankles: been there, done that, but if you're the one taking the risks, why does this get posted under [jules' pics]?
Anyway, awesome picture.

jules said...

Team photos are usually the best!

I made the crummy and disappointing test shots, envisaged what the composition could have been, set the exposure, focus, focal length, and then gave the camera to my extra-tall auto-levelling intelligent-feedback bipod who did the leaning over the edge. The intelligent feedback mechanism told me this was indeed a good spot for the hoped for photo, and then he pressed the shutter.

What you might not realise is that James is 13 inches taller than me - so it would have been quite a bit more perilous for me to take the same photo! Besides, he is much better at me than getting photos level, which is really important for wide-angle shots.

Check the EXIF on flickr for the full setup details.