Tuesday, June 07, 2011

[jules' pics] Condor!!!

This is not a condor:


It is a raven in the snow at Bryce canyon. Aren't the pretty yellow and pink rocks lovely?

We did, however, see condors at Grand Canyon:


Oh. um. I mean:


James was carrying the binocules and the condors swooped around for a while so actually we both got really good field-of-view filling memories and the photo was taken just to prove it wasn't actually a raven - here's a 100% zoom:


Do you think all that gubbins on their wings - tags and transmitters - has a deleterious effect, as was recently suggested for the flipper tags on penguins?

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Steve Bloom said...

"Oh, look at the nice vultures circling just overhead!"

C W Magee said...

Which number was it? Not this one, I assume:

James Annan said...

We didn't note the numbers. They were indeed circling over the hikers around the end of the South Kaibab trail, presumably waiting for someone to not make it up the hairpins...

Anonymous said...

I did see condors at Pinnacles National Monument in California a bit over a month ago. We hike up to the highest trail in the evening and saw many flying quite close. Two were sitting on a rock less then 50 feet away. Quite a number of other birds too.


Brian said...

Very lucky to have seen them. I've been to the Canyon a bunch of times (altho not too recently) and to Pinnacles about 2x/year, and I haven't seen them.