Tuesday, February 01, 2011

[jules' pics] Environmentally friendly Pielke!!!

I'd thought he was just one of those US physics professors who didn't know about conservation of momentum, but it turns out that he's not so stupid after all. At one of the International Workshops in Tsukuba Epochal (a soulless building in the most soulless town in Japan) that are held around this time of year in order to use up the budget on meaningless and harmful travel, there appeared one Pielke senior - on the big screen! Japanese internets being blazingly fast, interaction suffered no delay. At the end there was a little time for platitudes, during which much regret was voiced for all the things "missed" for not being there in person. But what did he really miss?

Delights of Tsukuba
The Tsukuba Epochal's many automatic stop-start escalators?
James already looks bored...

Delights of Tsukuba
A warm friendly handshake from James?
Note how much bigger (bigger=better?) than James is Pielke.

Delights of Tsukuba
Sunset in Tsukuba Epochal. Yes, there's still no one around.
There is never anyone there... apart from the people who polish it.

Delights of Tsukuba
This is more like it - real Japan?

Delights of Tsukuba
Oh no - the workshop dinner is at a Yuba (soya milk curd) speciality restaurant!

Delights of Tsukuba
At least our beer is no worse than that in Colorado (whence liveth the Pielke)

Delights of Tsukuba
Now we're talking! The first place I ever ate pizza - in the 1970s - was Shakey's Pizza Parlour in Boulder, Colorado. That restaurant is long gone - but curiously they can be found here and there in Japan. One such establishment occupies prime real estate in downtown Tsukuba. Yes, that's a slice of chocolate and banana pizza! Surely Pielke would have felt right at home here after all. What a shame he couldn't be here in person....

(...wise, wise man...)

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Anonymous said...

Brings to mind


David B. Benson said...

Third pix down is just plain weird...

Carl C said...

I'm very impressed to see the bottle of Tabasco sauce near the pizza (although not impressed if it went on the chocolate & banana slice! ;-)

James Annan said...

Tabasco gets everywhere....

David C. said...

Ahhh - found your blog through an article on which you commented in 2008 entitled "Most researchers don't understand error bars." You highlighted the important difference between the interpretation of Bayesian intervals vs. the frequentist confidence intervals, so I clicked on your blog to find these great pictures of Tsukuba.

I spent summer of 2009 in Tsukuba as an intern researcher at NIMS' Sengen site, so these pictures bring back lots of memories :D

James Annan said...

Hope you have some memories of nicer places too :-)

(I'm sure it isn't all that bad really...)