Friday, February 11, 2011

[jules' pics] CP+

Wild excitement today, as CP+, the biggest camera show in Asia, is in town.


From the bizarre - handy magnetic tripod

To the ridiculous - camera bondage

Entertainment for pervs on every corner

Stereotype reinforcement lectures for women

Fondling of vapourware for the geeks
CP+ Vapourware
[Yes that's me squeezing a non-existant Fujifilm X100!!! I reckon I earned lots of geek points by crashing the firmware twice in my 3 minute test drive.]

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Peter Skov said...

Entertainment for pervs on every corner. Well, her legs might be a bit skinny but my attention was caught. What does that say about me?

crandles said...

It was the face of the photographer on the left that made me wonder if this might be a caption competition picture but I didn't think of anything witty.