Tuesday, December 07, 2010

[jules' pics] Kyoto is the best

People are always surprised when I say I prefer Kamakura to Kyoto. In Kyoto the temples and shrines are bigger and more beautiful...

kyoto 2

there is a beautiful river down which to take walks...

kyoto 3

there are even beautiful views of Fuji-san on the Shinkansen ride there from Tokyo.

kyoto 1

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guthrie said...

DO I detect just a smidgen of sarcasm?

Steve Bloom said...

No, nO, it's just a refined outlook.

takahide73 said...

I live in kamakura and agreed with you :)

Kyoto was the capitol that Emperor made.

Kamakura was "the castle" that Samurai made.

Kyoto's temples are run by tourist's admission fee , so they "make up" their temples then waiting for tourists

Kamakura's temples are run by believers , so they don't need to do anything for tourist .

so maybe kyoto is the best for tourists :)

David B. Benson said...

None of that, including the industrial view of Fuji-san, when I visted Kyoto.

Of course, that was the summer of 1979...