Friday, December 10, 2010

[jules' pics] 12/10/2010 03:16:00 PM

Apple and oranges, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

It turned out that the impossible deadline for spending our budget was little more than a ruse by the bureaucrats, and my recent request for the thinking woman's iPad was approved. So, on the way home from PMIP last night, we dropped into work and picked up an apple and some oranges. Just in time for the AGU.

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Steve Bloom said...

Ah, so you're making the short hop? I look forward to the usual top-notch reportage.

BTW, since you guys are more or less modelers, if Andy Dessler is there be sure to greet him with a rousing "ook ook."

jules said...

Is he an orangutan or just a librarian?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but 'just a librarian'!! And a lesser being than an orangutan. I hope the next time you find yourself in dire need in a library you will reflect on those words.

Btw, those aren't oranges, but either satsumas or tangerines.

Hank Roberts said...

Welcome to the Bay Area.
If you have any particular recommendations for the parts of the AGU open to the public, please post for those of us outside watching with our noses pressed up against the glass.

jules said...

Anonymous: I am, of course, referring to the orangutan librarian in Terry Pratchet's novels. All he ever says is "OOK". I have no idea what other reason there may be to greet someone with "ook".

Steve Bloom said...

As I said, there is now if you're a modeler. Cast your eyes on the third paragraph here.