Friday, October 01, 2010

[jules' pics] The Tour Part #5: Lancastrian Wildlife


On the Monday it was Lancaster University and the "LEC" (Lancaster Environment Centre). About 30 people came to our seminar, all bright-eyed and enthusiastic. They asked tricky questions, but were also really friendly, and I don't think anyone fell asleep. I want to work there when I grow up.

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Anonymous said...

Oh B*lls!

News of your presence was obviously strictly controlled by the 'shadowy forces' in order that only those on 'approved' LEC mailing lists were aware of said event.

I'd have enjoyed that, but am clearly unworthy!


James Annan said...

Well you can always gate-crash Reading or Oxford where we will be next Thursday on a new specially-arranged extra tour double-date :-)

(LEC was Monday 13th Sept, BTW - these posts are rather delayed)