Saturday, October 16, 2010

End of an era

Well, we're back in Japan, enjoying the end of the summer and the first iced coffee I've had in a while. Summer in Japan is generally a pretty quiet time - people disappear on holiday (yes even in Japan) and internal seminars and meetings etc tend to wind down. So I don't think we missed much by not being here - except for weather that by all accounts was brutally hot.

In contrast, during our 2 months in the UK, we: Gave 6 talks at different institutions - all based on the same work, but tailored for the respective audiences. Attended 3 workshops. Had a total of ~9 visits with friends and family, and checked over our dilapidated house. Went to a Test match at Lords, a Prom at the Royal Albert Hall, and Newbury show (sorry, "Royal Berkshire Show"). Spent a day each punting and rowing, and cycled about 350 miles, which was just as well since we ate and drank a lot more than was good for us (a fair proportion of it on one night at Corpus High Table)! And generally talked more, to more different people, than I have ever done before. It was a pretty interesting time.

Now we are back home newly enthused about our work (bizarre paper rejection notwithstanding), which we were encouraged to find is actually pretty relevant to what a lot of other people are doing. It's always hard to be sure, being stuck over here for 51 weeks in a typical year. So it's fair to conclude we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and are very grateful to the Institute for making it possible, and the organisers for inviting us.

Funny thing is, I had been expecting to be spending peaceful afternoons sitting under an apple tree waiting for inspiration to strike...

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