Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Phil Jones exonerated

This is a pleasingly firm and clear statement from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (as reported by the Times, I haven't read the report itself):
"The climate scientist at the centre of the row over stolen e-mails has no case to answer and should be reinstated, a crossparty group of MPs says"
Though come to think of it I suppose this just makes the great global conspiracy even larger than we thought :-)


SCM said...

Was very glad to see this. Hope the poor guy can get his life and work back on track soon.

Anonymous said...

I've excerpted the key parts of the report addressing false accusations scientific dishonesty.


"Contrarians took comfort in maverick Labour MP Graham Stringer’s objections to some of the findings. But even here, there is little for the contrarians to cheer about, as Stringer appeared at pains to avoid any appearance of endorsing the plausibility of any of the specific accusations of dishonesty. That’s just as well, because it turns out that Stringer appears to be relying for his understanding of the issues, not on the submitted evidence, but rather – wait for it – the “quickie” book on Climategate written by Steven Mosher and Thomas Fuller."

More at: