Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[jules' pics] 3/02/2010 09:08:00 PM

furry flower, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

Normal programming resumed.

This is the Oriental Paperbush (Edgeworthia chrysantha, mitsumata, 三椏), and was photographed at Egaratenjin, an odd sort of a shrine with some great blossom trees, in Kamakura. All the furry bits in the middle soon open up into flowers, and the bush has a really strong jasmine-like fragrance. Ahhh....

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Hank Roberts said...

Hey, Jules, would you consider some stereo photos? Handheld works; just move the camera sideways the same distance as between the eyes, and frame the same.


If you can't 'free view' (done by just going wall-eyed) then these little "lorgnette" viewers work fine to view a stereo pair side by side, either printed or on the screen (if small enough):

jules said...

Dear Hank:

Thanks for commenting on my post...but what a dreadful idea.
The future is flat.

Hank Roberts said...

Chuckle. I quite agree about 3-D movies. They are horribly boring for all concerned. I have proof:

But -- still images? Awwwww ....
because I love your imagery, the closeups of flowers and bugs are the ones where I wish I had stereo views.

James Annan said...

Hey they are quite cool. Did you take the films with two identical cameras stuck together? The projection "method" means the pics have to be quite small though.

Hank Roberts said...

The videos are with a couple of 'UniBrain Fire-i" firewire cameras and Mac software called EvoCam that allows putting the two feeds side by side on a 'canvas' and recording that.

Those were done on a G3 Powerbook 'Pismo' under an older OSX.

Regrettably the method quit working several years ago, the two video streams now get out of sync almost immediately, ruining the effect.

A pro I know (programmer at Pixar) told me several years ago that to keep the two video streams synchronized would require hardware I couldn't imagine affording at the time. But it will happen sometime.

I always regretted not having bought a couple of USB2 microscopes and getting stereo movies of my favorite little house spider (see macro stills on the flickr site). She will sit up on the wall and wave at the camera looming over her, fearless and quite engaging.

But every time I revisit the idea there are more people getting into it. This looks very interesting:

Hank Roberts said...

Aha, problem solved, by someone.
"Three signals are needed to synchronize two cameras: FSI (Field Sync Input), FSO (Field Sync Output), and FODD (Field Odd/Even)...."

I recall seeing a tourist with a pair of digital video cameras on a tripod in downtown San Francisco a while back; Japanese, I'm pretty sure (cameras, tripod, and tourist all). I pointed and asked "Stereo?" and he nodded enthusiastically and walked off.

Ok, enough. Projects, more projects.....