Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[jules' pics] 2/16/2010 08:23:00 PM

Ever since I told William the stoat that the UK was cold grey and miserable, we have adopted that very same weather. It is getting a bit hard work because, unlike in those in the UK, houses in this part of Japan are neither insulated nor centrally heated. This makes the whole thing so much tougher... although Myohonji temple seems to thrive on the atmosphere and water, light and dark, life and death...(yes there are more pictures to come!)

But before we freeze completely, I had better take it all back.

Dear William,
The UK is lovely bright warm and sunny. Try turning up the saturation on your camera and your pics will look colourful too!

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P. Lewis said...

No, you were correct the first time. It's cold and it's grey and it's damp ... and it's snowing again where I am, up in the Welsh Marches.

David B. Benson said...

No wonder then that the Romans could never conquer Wales...

James Annan said...

It's not that they couldn't, but like Scotland, they didn't see the point :-)

P. Lewis said...


Anyway, I'll have you know that the Romans occupied the whole of Wales for something like 300 years.

And the Scottish situation is not as clear cut as is generally made out. They'd all but conquered Scotland (way up in the northeast), but Agricola got called back to Rome and they instead retrenched to the line later built upon by Hadrian (presumably the easiest line to defend, what with it being a small strip of land between the two rivers/estuaries) to leave the northern peoples in peace... which was the situation until the Romans got called back during the decline to face the Baa-Baas, when the fried Mars bar brigades then decided to capitalise on that situation and have some typical Glaswegian w/e fun.

David B. Benson said...

Well, they needed an entire legion whch spent most of its time in the fort on the edge of Wales, don't recall the name.

And as I learned the history, the Romans hold on Wales was sufficiently unfirm that it is fair to say it wasn't conquered or even subdued. Maybe the south was.

P. Lewis said...

You are probably thinking of Caerleon.

As to Roman occupation, I'll point you to the National Museum of Wales, to Wikipedia and to this piece about Anglesey on the matter.

David B. Benson said...

P. Lewis --- Thank you! Those were quite good.