Friday, February 12, 2010

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Wolfie, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

Wolfie (the wolf cub we smuggled out of Yellowstone in James' hat ) guards the new Ikea sofa.

The sofa, even though it is Ikea's smallest 2-seater, was a breach delivery (over the balcony, into the 2F though the window). There is a difficult manly thing for men - when should a man help out the delivery men without diminishing the manliness of the manly delivery men. The answer? At the point when you realise the delivery men are heading over the balcony faster than the sofa is coming up. Japanese delivery men are small and dexterous. They never break or scratch anything. But this means they do lack mass... James with his huge grappling hook arms was able to save the day, and no one's manliness seemed diminished by the experience.

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Steve Bloom said...

Manliness is conserved, the majestic wolf metaphorically returns to Sweden, and thus the sublimity of the universe is demonstrated for all to see.

skanky said...

You mean the sofa was caesarian delivery (delivered through an opening above the expected entrance/exit)?

Breech would have meant coming in through the door legs (or the corner part where seat & back meet) first, I think?


James Annan said...

Maybe, but after hauling it up to the window, it also had to be turned round in mid air so it could fit endways over the balcony and through the window. Not the most straightforward delivery anyway!

skanky said...

Some breech position babies are delivered c-section in end. ;)

Anyway, sound's like it would have made a good episode for Trumpton.

"No, no, not the hose. We're not going to squirt the sofa up!"