Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring has sprung

It was amazingly hot and sunny yesterday - our thermometer registered 20C in our cold garden up a hill on the edge of town, it was palpably hotter in the middle of town and plenty of records were set across Japan. Must be that scary global warming :-)

Here are a few ume (plum) blossom pics taken over the last week. First, Hachimangu last Sunday:

Engakuji on Wednesday (National Foundation Day holiday):

and finally, Zuisenji this morning:


EliRabett said...

Does Japan have planting time guides. If so they are interesting indicators of climate.

Our daffodils are also coming a bit early. Generally speaking they are good Welsh, staying down until March 1 or so

James Annan said...

The various narcissus-types flowers here are up through the winter, from December onwards. Cherry blossom has apparently advanced by about 10 days in recent decades but I'm not sure whether that statistic is net of the urban heat island effect.