Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Camera

By odd coincidence, we also bought a new camera last week. Must be the time of year. There wasn't really anything wrong with our small point-and-shoot digital (Ricoh Caplio) which is good enough for holiday snaps but it's a bit limited and anyway someone has to buy all the Japanese stuff now that the rest of the world can't afford it. So we are the proud new owners of a Canon SX1 IS, which seems pretty amazing, although with a total of 20 buttons, levers and dials there's a lot I haven't yet worked out. One of the things it comes with is a fun utility for stitching pictures together into panoramas.

Not sure if this will work on blogger, but here may be a Quicktime VR panorama of the front of a local temple:

If it works you should be able to scroll around with a mouse (click and drag), zoom is via shift and control keys. Update: seems not - does anyone know if it's possible to put one of these in blogger? Anyway here is the picture in jpeg form (click for 2.3MB version):

I haven't quite got the hang of levelling the individual pictures properly so it's a bit rubbish at the joins.

Our neighbour has a rather good ume and with the Canon's 560mm zoom I can even see the flowers!

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Steve Bloom said...

You neglected to mention the benefit of being able to get a post out of attempting a repair after it breaks. Something to look forward to! :)