Friday, December 07, 2007

That Bali Declaration in full

1. We're stuffed
2. Er...that's it
3. See 1.

For the longer version, see here. It's perhaps as interesting for who hasn't signed, as for who has. I know climate science is western-dominated as a field, but it is slightly surprising to me that the organisers did not make more effort to reach out globally - I count a total of 2 Indian signatories, zero Chinese, and 2 Japanese (oceanography types whose names I do not recognise - I'm sure that reflects more on me than them). One Indonesian rounds out the Asian contingent.

In contrast, there are 7 Canadians, 10 Swiss, 11 Norwegians. Yes, there are more than twice as many signatories from the global powerhouse of Norway (population: 5 million) as there are from the entirety of Asia (population: 3.7 billion). I'm not going to start counting the French and USAian signatories. They even found someone from the Faroe Islands and three Belgians (do you know three Belgians?)!


Derek Wall said...

some others are missing from the Bali declaration

Hank Roberts said...

Is it fair to assume anyone in the field who didn't sign it saw the draft and decided against signing? Or was the distribution of the draft limited in any way?

James Annan said...

According to Nature, about 30% of those invited did not sign but of course that was because it was "simply not tough enough".

John Smith said...

Is there anything to the point that several bloggers have made that so many of the attendees of this event flew in on their expensive private jets and thereby contradicted in deed what they spoke in word in opposition to climate change?

C W Magee said...

Presumably Norway's status as a petrostate gives it increased weight when it comes to singing greenhouse legislation. Did any other oil states have broad support for it?

EliRabett said...

The somewhat older version that Eli grew up on goes

In case of nuclear attack!

1: Put your hands on your head.

2: Put your head between your knees.

3: Kiss your ass goodbye.

Which perhaps explains his sunny disposition.

C W Magee said...

How was AGU? Anything worth telling us about?

James Annan said...

Yes :-)