Sunday, September 09, 2007


Perhaps I should have titled this post "Let's Forest!" Yesterday we went for a wander in the local hills to see what damage the typhoon had done. Our immediate neighbourhood is really well sheltered so it is always hard to tell how strong the wind is.

We soon came across a mass of branches blocking the path. Scrambling around the side we got to the following:

The old path runs straight up the middle of the picture (in fact the steps cut into the rock are visible).

I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend thinking about whether it made any noise.


C W Magee said...

Why do climate people obsess so much about the Atlantic hurricane season, when there are far more people in the way of typhoons?

James Annan said...

I guess by "climate people" you mean the English-speaking, USA-inhabiting sorts who are quoted in the newspapers and websites you read :-)

The Asahi Shimbun or Shanghai Daily might have a slightly different take on things...