Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total washout

Honestly. What's the point in being on the other side of the world if not to be able to see interesting astronomical phenomenon that are not visible to the rest of you?

Apparently there's a lunar eclipse. But it's cloudy. Bah!

This is what it looked like to people up north in Hokkaido:

(Borrowed from here.)

Jules cynically says it always looks like that through the smog anyway.


andrewt said...

Warm and fine in Sydney so we had gorgeous views from the local park. . Lots of people out enjoying the mild (20C) evening - winter is tough here.

Nosmo said...

It was gorgeous in Berkeley.
No fog.

James Annan said...

Thanks Andrew and Nosmo, I feel much better for knowing that :-)

EliRabett said...

You might really get washed out:)