Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More whinging from the CBI

At first glance, I thought this was a sign that the CBI was actually considering putting their money where their mouths are (albeit in a feeble manner), by offering minuscule bursaries to science students. But no, it's cheaper to lobby the Govt for it than to actually dip their hands into their own pockets.

As for "struggling to fill their posts", "struggling to fill their pockets on the backs of underpaid and exploited workers" would be more like it. "Only" 30 applicants per job? My heart bleeds. If their research and development is only viable on the premise of a never-ending supply of lab fodder desperately scrabbling for the scraps on offer then maybe we wouldn't miss them so much. Just how many people do they actually want the Govt to train (at vast expense) for each job on offer?

There's a simple solution in the free market that the CBI claim to believe in: PAY MORE MONEY, MORONS! I don't really mean purely "more money", rather a more general "better conditions" - but of course advocates of Stern think that everything can be reduced to cash :-). Sorry to shout, but it really gets my goat to hear these fat cats, who are sitting pretty at the top of the capitalist pyramid, desperately struggling to stick their snouts in the socialist trough of Govt subsidies with the intention of propping up their businesses with a never-ending supply of compliant and desperate wage slaves.

I rather liked this comment (found via the Adam Smith Institute blog, who I see has linked to my previous post):
You’re a well compensated, shiny-suited male executive spending a week at a conference in Amsterdam. In the evenings you experience a “shortage” of women willing to sleep with you. How do you solve this problem? Do you perhaps write to your MP demanding that the EU offer grants to nubile Ukranian girls to migrate to brothels in western Europe?
Note that the author is an ex-scientist following the abrupt closure of his lab, so may just possibly be even more bitter and twisted than me (note to self: must try harder).

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