Thursday, January 25, 2007

"The investigation" on Stern

There's a BBC Radio4 programme on Thursday evening (8pm GMT) concerning the Stern Review, from the same team who brought us "Overselling Climate Change". Here's a longer article about it. Should be worth a listen - especially as I've been assured that my contribution ended up on the cutting room floor :-)

Then the following week they will ask why doctors need to earn about three times as much as scientists, not that they put it in exactly those terms. Of course I already know the answer to that one: we're in it for the love of the job and to help humanity, they do it to pay for the golf and skiing habit.


So, I slept through my 5am alarm :-) and listened again instead. A fair chunk of it was the same old stuff that has already been done to death on the blogosphere, but they managed to find some interesting new (to me) points of view and it was well put together, so even those of you who are thoroughly bored by the whole subject should find it worth listening to anyway. Stoat is justifiably proud of his contribution: "for those of you with black and white radios, the red line is beside the orange one."

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John A said...

Unfortunately they made William Connelley sound reasonable, which was surely another BBC distortion.