Sunday, January 21, 2007

Every week is "Asian food week"!

Walking past the Kinokuniya supermarket in Kamakura today, I couldn't help but laugh at the sign out the front indicating that they are currrently having an "Asian food week".

So what do they think I've been eating day in, day out for the past 6 years?

(Of course it's not really that odd to use "Asian" to mean "non-Japanese Asian", just as British people use "European" to mean "non-British European", and Tony Blair says things like "There is a dimension that concerns and frightens scientists, never mind people". But still, it provoked a hollow laugh.)


Anonymous said...

In contrast to insular British and Japanese, in the US we take the opposite tack. We only count as "American" those things strictly in the US, or sometimes, those strictly aligned with our region or politics. None of those other countries in North or South America count - except as non-American, of course.


Anonymous said...

hog roasting