Thursday, August 31, 2006

JLPT take 2

Passing though Shinjuku again last weekend on the way to and from Fuji, I thought I could do with some more JLPT test practice, so I bought this book, and have sat the first set of papers this week.

Rather to my surprise, I'm up about 14% in each of the 3 papers, and therefore at 57% overall, compared to the 43% I got in the test I did exactly 4 weeks ago. Sure, it's still a fail, but quite a narrow one, and the rate of improvement is far in excess of the ~1% per week that I had reckoned on. It's possible that this test is a bit easier than the one I previously did, but surely not by that much. There is also still plenty of stuff in the syllabus that I haven't even covered yet, which leaves a lot of room for improvement (even in my strongest areas), and there are still 3 months to go. So I am upgrading my confidence about passing from "as likely as not", to "likely". And I've sent off the application...

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