Monday, August 07, 2006

3 typhoons!

Summer officially arrived last week, the weather seemed set fair, so we are off on holiday up some mountains (Shiroumadake etc) this week. I had a final check of the forecast this morning...and found that no fewer than 3 typhoons have sprung up overnight in the Pacific south of Japan! Only one of them is scheduled for a direct hit, but one is usually enough. We don't want to delay the trip to next week because that will be the peak Obon holiday period.

So if I don't come back, you'll know what happened. More likely, we will be back with our tails between our legs rather earlier than planned...


Memory Lane said...

Ki o tsukete ne! I'd love to see some recent photos from Shiromadake. Do the leaves of the trees turning yellow now? I love autumn in Japan!

Hank Roberts said...

James, I hope you held on to your hat up there.

I see the latest weekly advice on El Nin~o is that conditions are neutral or slightly favorable for it toward the end of this year due to unusually warm Pacific. That would be in your neighborhood, eh?

"The Zhejiang provincial weather bureau said it [Saomai] was the most powerful storm to strike China since the founding of the communist government in 1949, Xinhua said.

"Saomai, dubbed a “super typhoon” by Chinese forecasters due to its huge size and high wind speeds, was the eighth major storm of this year’s unusually violent typhoon season."

James Annan said...


Pics coming...but it is still high summer, far too early for turning leaves even in the high mountains. These and these pics were early and mid October respectively (only the latter at Shiroumadake of course).


I think this year is shaping up to being worse than average here for typhoons, but probably some way short of the 2004 record of 10 direct hits. Mind you, there is another storm forming right now, coming straight for us...