Thursday, April 13, 2006

Geek chic

We got two great accessories from Andy following his visit here a couple of months ago.

First, an iDuck:

Yes, a USB memory stick in the shape of a duck. The perfect way to carry round those presentations when you go to meetings (and with a handy LED and luminous glow, it's easy to spot in a dark room). Sushi shapes are also available, we hear. (The connector cable is needed because the Zaurus only has a mini-USB port.)

And last but definitely not least, a real USB-powered lava lamp - it doesn't actually have the hot blobby wax of a real lava lamp, but sparkling bits which swirl around in the convection current:

The guinea pigs are entranced, anyway (or else they are fascinated by the presentation up on the Zaurus screen, I'm not sure).

Thanks, Andy! You can come and visit again!

1 comment:

William M. Connolley said...

I liked the iDuck, shame Jules didn't bring the lavalamp to Vienna...