Thursday, November 10, 2005

More mad Japanese gadgetry

On the BBC news website via Chris Randles, we find this microwaveable bra and knicker set:

Chris invites me to deride their uselessness vis-a-vis global warming. Sorry, but if our "OLs" (office ladies) wish to walk around in skimpy clothes all winter, I'm not going to object too strongly. And you thought I was here for the higher salary and status, great working conditions, strong infrastructure, academic freedom, lovely climate and fabulous countryside?

More underwear fun can be found here.


William M. Connolley said...

Can you post a pic of Julia wearing one? :-)

nige said...

Hi James,

I see you had a comment deleted from Motl's blog. Like other dictators, string theorists are prone to sweep problems under the carpet with the delete button.

When posting a negative comment to Motl's blog, save a comment somewhere else (say on an old post of your own blog), and then you can put another comment on Motl's blog linking to the post he deleted, and he won't realise!

String theorists like him need to get to know that they can't suppress criticism so easily.

His post was ridiculing Dr Lawrence Krauss rather personally (mention of his daughter included!), just because he is author of "Hiding in the Mirror" which attacks the pseudo-science belief nonsense, string theory.

While climate scientists are often a little bit wrong, string theorists are "not even wrong", making no testable predictions at all, and shouldn't be allowed to get away with religious preaching to real scientists.

I love the idea of girls wearing only heated bikini's in the winter. It will be really nice to see them!

Best wishes,

James Annan said...


Not and live to post another day :-)


Yes Lubos can be amusing but he bores me easily. Of course robust and informed criticism is essential for scientific progress. Septic trash, OTOH, wastes even the writer's time.

nige said...

Being sensible now, what happens when the heated gel in the bra and panties finally cools down? ;-)

Suppose she'll just have to hand them in to a house she is passing to be re-microwaved. Restaurants could also offer this microwaving service, just as they heat up bottles of baby milk...

EliRabett said...

You're lovely to look at, delightful to know
And heaven to kiss.
A combination like this
Is quite my most impossible scheme come true.
Imagine finding a dream like you.

You're lovely to look at.
It's thrilling to hold
Your terribly tight
For we're together the moon is new,
And, oh, it's lovely to look at you tonight

- Jerome Kern