Friday, November 18, 2005


Not had time or energy to write much stuff over the last couple of weeks. Our friends Jacqui and Joel visited Japan recently, so we helped to entertain them a bit (Joel had a conference, but only for 2 days). Over the weekend, we climbed Kinpu-san, a pleasant walk in wonderful conditions including the interesting experience of an overnight stay in a mountain hut. Even at this modest height (Kinpu-san is only 2595m tall), the snow and ice was starting to build up so we were grateful that we had not bitten off anything more challenging. Here they are on the summit, early on Sunday morning:

It's always fun to show round visitors - it gives us a bona-fide excuse to take a few days off and re-visit some of the best sights around here.

Apart from acting the tourist guides, we've also been feverishly scribbling a new paper that we think is fairly important, and which is certainly urgent. I'll wait to see how well-received it is before saying any more about it...

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William M. Connolley said...

Frost here, but no real snow :-(

Meanwhile, I see that you're not too impressed with Pilko discovering the look up table... who knows what he may find next; perhaps a "wheel"?