Monday, March 25, 2019

Marching in London to stop BREXIT

It was both immense and immensely good humoured.

Got to the end of the "assembly area" at Marble Arch in London, 0.8mile away from the start at Hyde Park Corner, a bit before 1pm. Joined the throng and inched down the road. Got to the official start in 90mins or so (apparently they started an hour early because it had got so full), and then moved marginally more quickly. Another 0.6 miles (about half the total distance of the march including the assembly area) and it was past 4pm and time to head for Euston station and home.

Hope it worked!

Very cross Britons:

Special places in Hell and having a nice chat while enjoying your sarnies.

Yorkshire!!! (Saw about 4 sets of these)


Labour Party and reformed Leavers (#RemainerNow):


Peoples behind us - not even close to the start yet:

Nigel quotes are always good for a laugh...


Jobs and grand children:





If only...



ITV report of the event quite good.

And here's their video:


David B. Benson said...

Thanx for all the pixs.

crandles said...

1 million ish march, 142,751 sign petition for peoples vote.

5.8 million sign petition for revoke. Therefore number that would march for revoking A50 is approx 40 million. Q.E.D. ;)

Tadaaa said...

Sadly I was in Spain visiting my eldest daughter on her EU Erasmus year at Seville University (she studies at Edinburgh)

we were all at the Oct march

unfortunaly though I suspect (and have suspected for a while) the WA will eventually pass

David B. Benson said...

Is this called muddling thru?