Wednesday, November 02, 2016

More Breakfast Success

As I've said before, although maybe not on this blog, the only actual difference between peoples the world over is what they eat for breakfast. In the USA a lot of different things are available for breakfast, because the population of the USA is almost entirely immigrant, and from all different parts of the world. On Sunday, James had something with beans in and I had something called "Dill eggs". Still don't really know what that was,. But it was delicious. 

Sampled the NCAR cafeteria breakfast this morning. Although most of the elements seemed familiar, it was a cultural minefield. I thought an egg on toast might be nice. It turned out that the scrambled eggs were an omelette, the fried eggs came in 3 choices none of which I understood, there were about six varieties of toast to choose from rattled off to quickly for me to catch them all, and also something called biscuits that looked like a scone to me. But of course being well versed in inter-cultural quick thinking of a gastronomic nature, I made a success of breakfast and ended up with an egg "over-easy" (don't know what that means but it was cooked freshly to order!) with sour dough toast and butter. yum yum. I ate it too fast to take a picture.

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