Friday, September 30, 2016

[jules' pics] via Dent

Ever since we moved to Settle 2 years ago we have been meaning to cycle to somewhere, via Dent. Last time we visited Dent by bicycle was probably the mid 1990s, and all I really remember is a heron flying alongside us down the narrow valley in the cloud and rain. These days we like to think we don't have to do the ride in the rain, which is probably why it has taken to long to get around to it. Here's the trace on Strava.

First Ribblesdale to Ribblehead viaduct.
Ribblehead Viaduct

Then up and down to Dent viaduct.
Dent Viaduct

All the tea shops shut in Dent so brushed the dust off our feet and carried on to Kirkby Lonsdale via Barbondale

After a delicious luncheon, back to Settle via nowhere in particular.

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DCBob said...

Any Terrible Knitters on the way?

Verytallguy said...

Dent is lovely, God's own county at its best. We once camped at the fantastic albeit extremely basic campsite at Cowgill. Also this June did the "Dales Delight" Audax which started the way your ride does, then went up the Old Coal Road, over the hills and far away.

Happy days.

Verytallguy said...
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James Annan said...

Pretty much all I remember of that previous ride was struggling up to Newby Head in wind rain and cloud...glad we waited for decent weather before doing it again!

Wookey said...

Yay for caver country. It is lovely when the sun's out.

I did that ride a few years back (with the Groom wearing tweed for best effect) and have walked and biked Barbondale and Dent many times whilst avoiding potholing.