Sunday, July 03, 2016

[jules' pics] Highland Holidays

For our 20th wedding anniversary we returned to the scene of the crime, staying overnight at Ardanaisaig hotel near Oban before heading north for a few days near Loch Torridon.

On the way up, we stopped off to fall off our mountain tandem in the rain at Arrochar.
Very bruised but feeling fortunate not to have broken any bones, overnight in a luxury hotel was very much appreciated. The decor seems a little more subdued,
but the gardens and views are still lovely, the bed comfortable and the food spectacular.
The continuing rain was unimportant. It would be selfish to expect otherwise as we had glorious weather 20 years ago when we got married on a hill behind the hotel.

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crandles said...


(obviously on falling off your tamdem ;) )

David B. Benson said...

Very nice.

Unknown said...

Good effort, J&J. Is that the Torridon Lodge? If so, we camped in the gardens by the loch side some years before you were married. It was a bit worn in those days, got smartened up since.

James Annan said...

Those pics are both Ardanaseig Hotel nearish Oban. We stayed in the Torridon Hotel 20 years ago but the budget only stretched to a dinner there this time! More pics coming some time...