Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"If I was better at mathematics I would have liked to have been an engineer."

Spotted by chance, and the article is mostly irrelevant but I did like the refreshingly honest quote from a fund manager who has woefully underperformed the FTSE over the past 5 years, no doubt drawing a massive salary in the process.

There are those in the skeptic community who argue (based on who knows what, salary perhaps?) that scientists are basically the dregs left behind once the financial parasite industry has skimmed off the cream of the crop of the university leavers. This wasn't my experience, as in fact the top few in the year mostly queued up for the handful of DPhil grants available, but it's a good shtick to beat climate scientists with.


Steve Bloom said...

Happened to see this video earlier, which ought to make you suitably nostalgic for Japan. I was inspired by the pet-naming which has been such a prominent recent feature of this blog, but no sooner had I designated the protagonist "Nic" than the continual whining (of his little wings, TBC) was forever stilled by an ogre filling in for the giant spiders.

guthrie said...

The honestly sceptical or the dishonestly sceptical?

James Annan said...

Well, I can't always divine motive from external signs, so I'll stay agnostic on that :-)