Sunday, November 29, 2015

[jules pics] Sand Dunes

Last stop on our tour was somewhere we have managed to not visit on several occasions, due to it being a bit out of the way: Great Sand Dunes National Park. We arrived in the afternoon and stayed at the nearby lodge, which was excellent with lovely views of the dunes.


The existence of the dunes is very interesting; a source of sand in the hills, plus wind blowing and water flowing in the right directions. One might wonder why there are not more dunes about, but these seem to be the only ones in the vicinity, apart, of course, from the ancient ones like those we saw at Canyonlands.

It was fairly quiet and there was no evening meal available at the lodge, but the rooms had microwave cookers, so we had shopped in a supermarket along the way. Before dinner, we went to have a closer look at the dunes.

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Nick Barnes said...

Not to be confused with the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which is also amazing and also out of the way.

David B. Benson said...

The wind tends to blow through the pass to the east of the dunes. It collects the sand from the valley and lifts it that far up. Then the stream you waded across takes some of the sand back down.