Tuesday, October 08, 2013

[jules' pics] Templing

We have travelled so much this year that the templing has been a bit neglected. Recently, however, we have put in some effort, in between dodging hornets while trying to run for too long.
First, Hokokuji. Apparently it lapsed almost into nonexistence before tourism became popular (around end of 19th century), but there is a good chance that the bell that hangs in this little building dates from well before then.
Bell tower
These days Hokokuji is famous for its grove of giant bamboo.
Bamboo garden
At the back of which you can enjoy matcha (frothy green tea-ceremony tea).
tea house
It is also not impossible that these caves may contain some old tombstones of the priests of the olden days.
Not sure if it is a sign of insanity in the chief priest, or just a gardener doing some experimentation, but someone has planted red triffids in the Zen dry garden, and encouraged clumps of little blue weed-flowers to grow. Very odd.

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