Monday, August 12, 2013

How to run for fun in the sun

I expect this may be too late for the UK 'heatwave' that was in the news a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, in case it happens again, I may as well write down what I've discovered. Last year we didn't run in July and August, but this year James decided to try to run a marathon in autumn (silly boy) so feels obliged to keep totting up some miles in his legs.

In the cold of winter it is only natural to try to keep warm by getting to your destination as fast as possible. But in the blessed warmth of summer this is not necessary. The goal each week is still to beat your previous time, but the other way around. If last week in 26C you did 1hr 20mins, then this week in 29C you do 1hr 25, or even 30. You can and should further slow yourself down by carrying water. The idea is to run so slowly that you finish feeling like you could run forever. Given the altered goals there is plenty of time for taking in the views, so the run needs to be scenic, and of course as much in the shade as possible. Early morning may be slightly cooler than midday. Dress as naked as is decent in your culture and wear a hat. And that's about it. The astonishing thing is that it actually works. Still not as fun as mountain biking of course.

Oh yes, finally - remember to dodge the very very danger hornets. The air in the woods is thick with them this year.

'Scuse my white belly... 

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