Thursday, May 23, 2013

[jules' pics] NCAR

Ben wishes to star on the blog yet again (spot him here). But first, here is NCAR, his workplace, which seems to be ageing awfully well for a 1960s concrete structure.
Perhaps the sandy concrete is soft enough that the surface remains fairly fresh looking. Perhaps that means it is wearing away, but there looks to be plenty of concrete left.

And here are Ben and friends at lunch in NCAR's famous cafeteria.
NCAR canteen
There's not much James and I wont do for a free lunch, so in the afternoon we entertained the workers with seminars.

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David Young said...

Beautiful spot. This is the greenest time of year. By July it will brown and dry. Hope they have replaced their Cray1 with something really impressive. Hard to believe that 1 mega word of memory was once considered huge and impressive, but it was an order of magnitude bigger (and faster memory at that) than the CDC machines it replaced.

I suggest hiking the flatiron trails for a great view. You can core some Ponderosa pines as Wigley's son did ;-) to check whether they respond to temperature or precipitation.

William M. Connolley said...

They need to cut their lawn or the neighbours will start tutting.

David Young said...

The deer are supposed to do that, but must be falling down on the job. Probably too many cougars and coyotes.

James Annan said...

David, they are using the "Yellowstone" machine in Wyoming, as per our earlier comments about coal and carbon footprints..