Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[jules' pics] bridge construction

James hasn't quite got pizza construction sorted. The day before our symposium started, his latest attempt levered out my temporary dental bridge. So I got to scare the visitors throughout the symposium with my inability to say "F". I wonder if that's why they were all so well behaved. Anyway, on Friday it was back to Tsurumi dental hospital for some more construction.

The good news is that it may all get finished in mid-September.
Tsurumi architecture

...unlike the bridge construction near work, which, if the signs are to be believed wont be finished for another year or so! I can only assume that the final thing is to be more than just random bridging.
Note that some extra bridges have been added since earlier this month.

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EliRabett said...

Is there something that says that the bridges have to be ugly, or is that what is on the shelf?

Seriously, Eli would rather take his chances with the auto de fe than be seen crossing those things.

EliRabett said...

The contrast between the beautiful, the kitch and the industrial wasteland styles in Japan has always defeated Eli.

jules said...

Hoping the dentist will go for the beautiful stylee, even though at present it looks more like an industrial wasteland...

But the answer is quite simple. And cameras are very helpful for understanding it. The Japanese vision is, like the view through a telephoto lens, narrow and focussed according to the viewers' will. They see only a beautoful cherry tree when you see a concrete wasteland with a sad tree stuck up against an eyesore of a building. There is no big-picture thinking, so no big picture, whether in science or urban design. Details rule. And the corruption of the building industry capitalises on this mental gap to the extent that people just can't do anything about it all anyway... so they just do their best to enjoy their little cherry tree in the corner of their concrete wasteland.

jules said...

Oh and as for beautiful vs kitch, the best explanation I have found is that these two more or less capture the flavours of the two main religions, zen buddhism and shinto. The former is all peace, order, beauty and subtlty. The latter is all about superstition - even the good spirits look like anime monsters and everything is bright red and dramatic. The two styles coexist happily within single temples so there is really no problem with their coexistance in daily life.

David B. Benson said...

The Japanese version of

Steve Bloom said...

"his latest attempt levered out my temporary dental bridge"

As you say, nothing that some more dough can't fix.

jules said...

It was glued back in for free, but I didn't have time to visit dentist-san until after the symposium.