Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[jules' pics] Buffalo

Yellowstone - the land where the buffalo are bison, the moose are elk, and the elk are deer.

Oh look - there's one!

And another gentleman...
Bison, Yellowstone

What's this one is thinking?... "where's my grass?"
Bison, Yellowstone

A lady buffalo and a hill
Bison, Yellowstone

Dusty buffalos
Bison, Yellowstone

Angry bison - the Occupy Yellowstone Highways movement
Bison, Yellowstone

It was nose to tail buffalo in some places
Bison, Yellowstone
It is now obvious that I should finish this post with buffalo on a plate but I haven't uploaded the photo to flickr yet... so perhaps I'll update this post later...
....Bison sliders at Mammoth. Health warning: only for sharing.
Bison Sliders
Mammoth sliders would have been even more exciting?

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Rattus Norvegicus said...

You were there during the rut, weren't you.

David B. Benson said...

Correctly, them's bison. Buffalo is for Africa, South Asia and maybe Southeast Asia.

Elk are deer, moose are deer but the elk subspecies lives only in Europe. In Yellowstone the subspecies is A. a. shirasi, the Shiras Moose:

What is often called elk is more correctly wapiti, a distinct deer species; the ones in Yellowstone are

And the white tailed deer are just ordinary deer found all over North America.

James Annan said...

Rattie, yes the elk/wapiti/deer were bugling and that bison bull seemed pretty frisky too.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

I live in the area and try to make it up there this time of year. Too much work this year, though...

I like it, the critters stop making themselves scarce.

Steve Bloom said...

But where are all the other co-authors?!

Hank Roberts said...

You had me worried there til I remembered about zoom lenses.

I recall hearing about a roll of film rangers recovered at Wind Cave Nat'l Park -- buffalo asleep far off on the prairie; buffalo closer up, still asleep; nice close head shots like yours, buffalo asleep; buffalo ribs being nudged by tourist footwear.

Amazingly well built camera to survive the trampling without light leaks. I guess the tourist also survived, but leaked considerably. His photos let them charge him with disturbing the wildlife, or so they said.

jules said...

Hank: I only took my point and shoot to Yellowstone.

Focal length about 100mm (35mm film equivalent) for the close headshot. That's only twice the zoom of the "normal" 50mm view.

She(?) was part of the Occupy Yellowstone Highways protest so was passing by our car, rather than us approaching her. So there was no chance of being charged.