Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lovelock revisited

It seems the blogosphere is all excited by a new Lovelock interview, in which he rows back on some of his most outlandish past predictions. People like Keith Kloor are doing their best to make hay, as per normal.

Of course, several of us got there years ago - though actually Stoat doesn't seem quite as confident in that old post, as he now thinks he was :-)

Anyway, (some of) Lovelock's previous claims were well outside the range of what might be considered scientifically defensible, and although it might be tempting to point and jeer, I'm actually quite impressed that he has managed to revise his opinions. That's not something that many sceptics have managed over the years. And he's 92 after all.

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EliRabett said...

In a sense think Bill Gray, guys who had a lot of success following their intuition without much quantitative trimming.

Eli is inclined to cut them some, not the entire enchilada, but some slack. In evaluating what they say you have to make this allowance.