Friday, January 06, 2012

[jules' pics] BIF

Having practically nailed a "BIF", which is internet photography speak for "Bird In Flight" (here on flickr and third photo down on Chrstmas Day post), I was emboldened to attempt the other sort of BIF - Boy In Flight.
Boy in flight #2

The bigger boys went first, As the boys got smaller and smaller I was sure one was going to get wet, but even the tiniest one flew all the way across.
Boy in flight #1

And here is a group of young adults gazing up at the flying boys, perhaps remembering the days when they too could fly...
people at sunrise
BTW the "trick" for either kind of BIF, if you are as bad a photographer as me, is to get them flying roughly towards you, and use a camera with fast autofocus to do the rest.

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ob said...

and now try a DIF - Dragonfly in Flight. ;)

C W Magee said...

And here I was, expecting a picture of a Banded Iron Formation...

jules said...

I have a number of DIF photos. Although very few actually contain DIFs. The ones that do, only contain very small DIFs. Generally boys fly more slowly than dragonflies.