Tuesday, November 01, 2011

[jules' pics] Denver

We started as we meant to carry on (elk 'n' Guinness)...

"Elk Sliders"
The next day we explored downtown,

Downtown, Denver
with Rob and Amity.

James, Rob and Amity
Rob is, officially, even cleverer than James, and he's almost as tall, but here he struck a deliberately daft pose in order to try and crack my lens. The lens survived and thus he is blogged! 

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado. Here is the centre of power.

State Capitol, Denver 
The day was amazingly clear, and, looking the other way, the Rocky Mountains could be easily seen 40 miles away.

Govt, Denver
The leaves were also looking very autumnal.

Capital City of Denver
Unfortunately, this was the only cowboy we saw.

Denver generally shows signs of gentrification with sculpture,

Sculture, Denver 
and prettied up old buildings

Union Station, Denver
like the massive brick REI cathedral (of which this is just one end).

REI, Denver
Next day it was down to the basement to play with our phones,

WCRP, Denver 
 and before long we were flying home on a chikinorbeef airline

San Francisco to Narita

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bigcitylib said...

Like Jim's tshirt. Aussie themed? Or a Japanese thing?

James Annan said...

Actually, I think that is a Native American one, from one of our previous road trips to the south west.

P. Lewis said...

"hikinorbeef airline"? Looks more like sardines!

P. Lewis said...

Whoops! Cut and paste gone awry, obviously.

James Annan said...

Oh, that was just the hoi polloi behind us :-) We had been upgraded (only to premium economy though) when they re-routed our flight - still sardined, but perhaps not an illegal stress position.

Steve Easterbrook said...

I was amused by how many people were carrying poster tubes on my flight home.

James Annan said...

We went incognito with folding (fabric) posters - not that a scientist in public is ever really incognito...