Sunday, November 07, 2010

[jules' pics] How to make mochi

How to make mochi

Mochi is rice pounded until it forms a glutinous mass. Very nice dried and toasted with sweet beans, at New Year it is eaten in soup, from where it suffocates a handful of old people each year. The idea is to pound the rice like you were trying to kill it, while missing the fingers of your partner who turns the rice over in between each stroke.

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pough said...

The only proper use of mochi is to wrap it in bacon, impale it on small sticks and roast over the magical charcoal. (The only other thing it might be good for is Obama's death panels.)

James Annan said...

Then throw away the bacon and mochi, and eat the stick :-)

No, actually I like mochi, in appropriate quantities and places.

Michael Tobis said...

lovely and creative photography, per usual

Steve Bloom said...

In the same vein as the classic advice about yellow snow, don't eat the pink mochi.